Pima Cycle Breaker

The path between a troubled life that leads to crime – or a productive career that leads to a fulfilled life – involves breaking the cycle… a cycle that often begins with our Juvenile Detention Center becoming a revolving door to the State Prison.

Potoff Private Philanthropy supports the Pima Cycle Breaker program, administered through the Pima County School Superintendent’s Office.

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Every community needs an educational champion for change, success, and achievement. In Pima County, our champion is Potoff Pathways. Potoff has demonstrated a strong commitment to education in key areas like Career & Technical Education, skills training for high school students, and GED support for students who have left school early. Their generous backing of programs like Cycle Breaker gives opportunity-youth and adults a second chance to succeed by providing education options, wrap-around services, and employment. These supports, along with the job-based skills training they provide, help individuals become productive members of our community. As the elected Pima County School Superintendent, I am proud to partner with such an organization because they care about students and our community.


Potoff Private Philanthropy funding enables opportunity and justice-system-involved youth to access wrap-around services, educational pathways, skills training, apprenticeships, credentialing, and job placements that lead them to family-sustaining wages. Potoff is making a significant impact in the lives of young people through programs like the Pima County School Superintendent’s Cycle Breaker.

Dustin Williams with a PCB Participant