Potoff in the News

Potoff Private Philanthropy and the programs we support are making news in those communities we’re honored to serve. Following are just a few examples of the stories and segments that have attracted media interest.

Potoff Private Philanthropy Funds JTED Healthcare High School with $3.2 million

In its ongoing effort to help Pima JTED become a national model for career and technical education in the United States, PPP donated $2 million to the building fund for a new health care high school at the Bridges in Tucson, Arizona. The groundbreaking for the 50,000 square foot building was May 4th, 2023. PPP joined with the Zuckerman Foundation and the Hillman Foundation to help fund the building which will focus on teaching and job training related to jobs in Public Health and Veterinary Sciences.

In addition to the $2 million building grant, PPP funded an operational grant for $650,000 to establish the position of Director of Research and Development at JTED and $500,000 to fund student scholarships and provide funds for community projects related to JTED programs. The student scholarships will be administered by Ashley Lown, the Potoff Private Philanthropy Endowed Chair established by PPP with a $1 million gift to JTED.  

Inside Tucson Business

Potoff Private Philanthropy commits millions to support career and technical education
Inside Tucson Business highlights People in Action in our community, including Bill Westcott, executive director of Potoff Private Philanthropy.

Click here to read the article


Special Report

A special report from the Spring 2021 edition of BizTucson magazine highlighting Potoff Private Philanthropy and Pima Joint Technical Education District as a national model of skills-based, tuition-free job training. Click here to read the issue.

Arizona Daily Star

JTED now home to 100,000 success stories
Op-ed by Kathy Prather, Superintendent, Pima/JTED

Benjamin Franklin was known to have said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Though these words of wisdom were spoken during the 18th century, they’ve never been more relevant than they are today, particularly in the context of career and technical education, or CTE, and the enormous impact it has on Southern Arizona high school students, businesses, and communities. Click here to read more.

Building Tucson Businesses: Pima County JTED supports students, employers

This column is for every high school student within reading distance. If you are trying to figure out a direction, have a passion you want to pursue or simply trying to evaluate education options, think about Pima County JTED. Click here to read more.

KXCI – Radio

Nonprofit Spotlight

Nonprofit Spotlight host Elva De La Torre spoke with Kathy Prather, Superintendent and CEO of Pima County JTED, about career and technical educational opportunities high school students. Click here to listen to the interview.


Pima JTED answers call for additional health care providers

Students who have a passion for the health care industry are finding their way to that career through Pima JTED.

It is a profession that needs people now, more than ever, because of the pandemic. Click here to read more.

Inside Tucson Business

Pima JTED expands healthcare training as local demand increases

As the world is more focused than ever on the importance of medical professionals, local high school students are gaining more opportunities to explore and experience the growing healthcare industry. Pima JTED, a technical education district comprising 14 local high schools, is expanding its Health Care Professions program with two new options: Comprehensive Health Care Technician and Pharmacy Technician. Click here to read more.

Pima JTED balances hands-on learning in a virtual year

Students in Demi Vaughn’s medical assisting class learn a variety of healthcare skills, from drawing blood to checking vitals. And at the end of a school year, they can earn multiple medical certifications that can lead to direct employment in the healthcare field. But when the pandemic hit, all of this became uncertain.  Click here to read more.


Pima JTED starts 2021 semester with online-only learning and new programs

The district is offering two new programs in 2021: Robotics and automation and pharmacy tech. Click here to view the news segment.

NPR Morning edition

March 9, 2022. High school students find employers and colleges are trying to recruit them. Click here to read and listen to this informative article.