I want to thank you (Potoff Private Philanthropy) again for the generous donation we received from the Potoff Philanthropy Foundation. Our plan is to use the money toward recruiting efforts for students who need our services the most.
Thank you again for your kind generosity.  We are thrilled.

Leslie Laird, Director, Pima Vocational High School

Potoff Private Philanthropy funding enables opportunity and justice-system-involved youth to access wrap-around services, educational pathways, skills training, apprenticeships, credentialing, and job placements that lead them to family-sustaining wages. Potoff is making a significant impact in the lives of young people through programs like the Pima County School Superintendent’s Cycle Breaker.

Andrew Bevington, Director, Business & Education Partnerships

The generosity and vision of Ross Potoff and Potoff Private Philanthropy has made a tremendous difference in the ability of Pima JTED to be visible in the community which continues to positively impact the lives of thousands of young people in Southern Arizona.  Through the Potoff Private Philanthropy Endowed Chair for Engagement and Placement, middle school students are able to engage in a hands-on experience to explore the many career possibilities available to them and the capacity of Pima JTED to provide real-world job shadowing and internship opportunities to high school students who participate in JTED programs has greatly increased.

Read about Kathy’s SIGNIFICANT achievements with Pima County JTED on pages 28-29 in this issue of BIZ TUCSON, Published on Mar 28, 2021.


Every community needs an educational champion for change, success, and achievement. In Pima County, our champion is Potoff Pathways. Potoff has demonstrated a strong commitment to education in key areas like Career & Technical Education, skills training for high school students, and GED support for students who have left school early. Their generous backing of programs like Cycle Breaker gives opportunity-youth and adults a second chance to succeed by providing education options, wrap-around services, and employment. These supports, along with the job-based skills training they provide, help individuals become productive members of our community. As the elected Pima County School Superintendent, I am proud to partner with such an organization because they care about students and our community.

Dustin J. Williams, Pima County School Superintendent